Employee Caregiver Program Series

An easy way to make your workplace more caregiver-inclusive. Live, virtual programs hosted by AARP that help employees balance their work and caregiving.

How It Works


1 in 5 people in your workplace are likely caring for an adult. Over half don’t tell their supervisors about it, but all of them need support in your workplace.

who can host?

Anyone who can gather a group of 30 or more employees! Often these are ERG leaders or program managers, DEI leaders, managers leading teams, internal conference/event planners, or senior leaders.

who can join?

As many as your virtual meeting platform allows. We've run programs with 30 to 300 people across time zones.

how much?

Program series that are fully confirmed by July 31, 2023, are no-cost. Program delivery dates for these series can extend beyond this deadline.


Share your information here and we'll drop you a line with an overview of program materials.